E.Joseph Lamp, Ph.D.,
English and Communications

"If it's to be, it's up to me."

Col. Truman W. Crawford, USMC

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Communications 111

History of Unconventional Warfare

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  Fall Semester, 2008

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     I'm a 37 year veteran communications professor at Anne Arundel Community College where I co-founded the AACC Center For The Study of Local Issues with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Stephen F. Steele.  I live with my wife, JoAnn, and 7 four-legged "furballs" who meow a lot. I've been doing animal welfare type work as community service for over 20 years and was a former vice president of the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

     I'm currently a governor-appointed representative to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Advisory Commission, being the only "non-hunter" ever appointed to such a  commission. I'm active in AnnapolisForAnimals.org, and I work very closely with the Humane Society of the United States. My hobbies include computer work, photography, and probably just about anything related to the "four leg and furry" gang. 

     I also teach a course for our Homeland Security program that evolved out of a hobby, focusing on the history of our country's involvement with unconventional warfare, from Rogers' Rangers to the Navy's SEALs. 



 A.A.    Anne Arundel Community College

 B.A.    University of Maryland

 M.A.    University of Maryland

 C.A.S.  The Johns Hopkins University

 Ph.D.    University of Maryland 


Veterinary Assisting  Anne Arundel Community College 

Courses and Important Links

Fundamentals Of Oral Communication
History of Unconventional Warfare

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My e-mail is ejlamp@aacc.edu My voicemail number is (410) 777-2282.